It all started with a recipe for Watermelon Jam at the end of a book I was reading.  One of the main characters had quit her job in the big city and started her own jam business selling at a Farmer's Market every weekend.  I hadn't heard of Watermelon Jam before then and decided it looked simple enough so I tried it...and it flopped.  I didn't know that just because the watermelon weighed three pounds didn't mean the scooped-out fruit weighed three pounds.  I didn't weigh it before I cooked it.  I ended up with twelve jars of Watermelon juice.  Very sweet Watermelon juice.  

My next attempt was Strawberry Jam...ended up with Strawberry Syrup, which was good over vanilla ice cream and in my oatmeal, but not so good on toast.  Since then I have gone on to have good luck with other flavors.    Vanilla Peach Jam and Jalapeno Jelly have become a fan favorite.

I recently set-up at my local Farmer's Market for the first time.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be doing more of them.  I'll list my upcoming Farmer's Market schedule and location as I schedule myself. 

it all starts with A VISION